In the End was the Beginning

"In the beginning was the Word," the Gospel of John says.


But soon thereafter, the Word became words and tradition.

Tradition became traditions, and traditions turned into writings.

And the writings evolved into multiple versions.

In those days, the light shone in diversity; but was comprehended, even by the darkness.


 A voice said:

Let there be a hierarchy among the texts,

and let us divide the prophets from the law.


So through the texts,

the law and the prophets were created

Two brothers of different age

Two shepherds to look after the texts 


Time went by.


One day there was a guard, sent from God knows where, multiple were his origins.

His name was canon.

He came to bear witness of unity, that some texts through him might be given eternal life ? and pre-existence.


Through traditions he created the Tradition, and through texts he created the Text.

Among the versions, he elected the Version.

From the words, he created the Word, the divine infallible word.


And with his voice he proclaimed his Gospel:

"In the beginning was the unchangeable Word.

In the beginning was the Bible."


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