Midnight confession: Jeg er en femmer på Enneagrammet

Jeg har blitt fullstendig oppslukt av Enneagrammet, dette relativt sofistikerte systemet som deler menneskeheten inn i ni grunnleggende personlighetstyper. 

I natt står jeg frem som femmer, og slipper med dette mitt innerste indre ut av skapet:  

"Behind Fives' relentless pursuit of knowledge are deep insecurities about their ability to function successfully in the world. Fives feel that they do not have an ability to do things as well as others. But rather than engage directly with activities that might bolster their confidence, Fives 'take a step back' into their minds where they feel more capable. Their belief is that from the safety of their minds they will eventually figure out how to do things--and one day rejoin the world." (http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/typefive.asp)

Og, som om ikke det var nok: 

The intense focus of Fives can ... lead to remarkable discoveries and innovations, but when the personality is more fixated, it can also create self-defeating problems. This is because their focus of attention unwittingly serves to distract them from their most pressing practical problems. Whatever the sources of their anxieties may be--relationships, lack of physical strength, inability to gain employment, and so forth--average Fives tend not to deal with these issues. Rather, they find something else to do that will make them feel more competent. The irony is that no matter what degree of mastery they develop in their area of expertise, this cannot solve their more basic insecurities about functioning in the world. For example, as a marine biologist, a Five could learn everything there is to know about a type of shellfish, but if her fear is that she is never going to be able to run her own household adequately, she will not have solved her underlying anxiety. 

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Doktor Jervel

13.02.2009 kl.13:22

Nu synes jei De glir ut i vranglære ;-)


13.02.2009 kl.20:25

Hehe, det tar jeg som et tegn på at jeg er på rett vei. ;-)Kjenner du enneagrammet, dr.?Årstein

Doktor Jervel

20.02.2009 kl.11:13

Vel, jei minnes jeg tuklet med det da jei lå i vogga. Da jei fortalte onkel Martin C. Spener at jei var en firer minnes jei han tvangssendte mei til Kristelig mænighedsfakultet. Jei kunne velge mellom det eller å pli fyrt af paa en paale i hagen. Tukl nu ei mere ;-)Amen

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